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Unstressable the Sunday Times Bestseller is OUT now globally order yours online today

A No.4 SUNDAY TIMES Best Seller and AMAZON UK no.1 Best Seller upon launch

Grab your copy today & come and be part of our mission to help take 1 million people a year out of stress


Living stressed is not living

Join us now and become Unstressable

Are you ready to become Unstressable?

Learn the language you need to de-stress your mind, emotions, body and soul

Release anxiety, self-criticism, sleepless nights & restore your confidence.

Feel energised and calm

Increase your focus, strengthen your resilience and deepen your relationships

Increase your happiness, live freely, and create the life of your dreams.


Here's how you will be supported:

When you sign up to become part of the Unstressable membership you get Mo and Alice as your teachers. We’ll take out all the guesswork and combine our own expertise to make your stress management and prevention practice not only easy and simple, but also exciting and fun!

You’ll have exclusive access to us online as we guide you in live webinar sessions, answer your questions and provide fresh training content that guides you step by step through the process of becoming Unstressable. This membership will also give you exclusive access to a community space to keep you motivated and connected in between sessions.

All for just 12 instalments of $40 per month

(This membership is an annual commitment to gain 12 months access - See T&Cs)

What's Included?


As a member of Unstressable here is what you will get:


Quarterly LIVE online 2 hour workshops and Q&A sessions with Mo & Alice (recorded and put into your members library for you to re-watch or watch at your own convenience) 
Exclusive Live Guest Expert Masterclasses from leaders in the wellness industry (recorded and put into your members library)
A weekly Unstressable Guide from Mo & Alice,  with your stress hack for the week, a micro action to take that week to keep you Unstressable, inspiration & recommended podcasts and more
An ever evolving library of Video Trainings & Stress Hacks on our unique Unstressable Models for you to watch at your own pace & use to deepen your practice
An ever evolving library of guided meditations (126 meditations and counting) – infused with Reiki techniques to make your meditation practice more effortless and relaxing than ever before
An archive of Unstressable webinar sessions with Mo & Alice (18 + sessions) to watch when you choose
An ever evolving Journal Prompts library
A members only community space (on a free App) where you can stay connected to Mo & Alice in-between sessions, be held accountable to your practice, gain weekly inspiration and connect with like-minded souls
Live Bonus energy healing sessions with Alice
Unlimited Access to your full library of content (available on both App and Desktop)
Plus, exclusive members only discounted rates & priority for all future live Unstressable events & retreats  

Stress affects our mood, body and our relationships.

It can make us feel anxious, unfocused and irritable, lower our self-esteem and even make us ill.


Here are some facts for you...


Are you one of them?...


Then you're not alone

This membership is based on the research and teachings of our new book the no.1 Amazon Best Seller Unstressable. It is a place to learn, stay motivated and be part of a community of like-minded people who are ready to become Unstressable. Ready to stop letting stress and anxiety be a normal part of their lives and instead feel calm, resilient, focused, happy and inspired.

The only place where you get to connect with Mo and Alice live online

Get unlimited access to all of our trainings, guided meditations, our members only community group, guest expert masterclasses, bonus content & so much more.


Release your anxiety and stress & restore your confidence


Release overwhelm, tiredness and self-criticism and restore your energy.


Align with the best and most authentic version of yourself and connect to your intuition and soul


Create a daily practice and become someone who stress doesn’t affect.


Feel inspired to take your life to the next level.


Learn how to manage your mind and prevent stress and anxiety from being a normal part of your week


Connect with like-minded souls and be motivated to stay the course.

"Because it's not the events in your life that stress you, it's the way you deal with them that does"

We’re here to support you...

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to stress management or have had a practice for years.

Wherever you are now, the guidance and resources we share in Unstressable will inspire deep, meaningful and sustainable changes in your life.

If you want an easy and fun way to change old habits and become Unstressable this membership is for you.

If you want a wonderful community of like-minded souls and a place to stay accountable to your practice and pick you back up when you fall off the wagon, Unstressable is for you.

If you have wanted to get coaching, learn to meditate, try out energy healing or any form of stress management but you don’t know where to start or simply can’t afford 1:1 support then Unstressable is for you

If you want to choose how you feel and show up in the world rather than being pushed around by stress or riddled with anxiety, then the Unstressable Membership is for you!

If you want access to Mo and Alice & other wellness experts in a live online format and feel guided and motivated, then the membership is for you


Pricing Options

12 Monthly Instalments

$40 pm

Annual membership commitment (see T&C's) to all 12 payments (this membership is for 1 year - you will then have the option to sign up again at a reduced loyalty rate after the year is over)


Split into 12 payments of just $40 per month 


Living stressed is not living

Join us today and become Unstressable

Pay In Full

$440 (save 1 month)

One time payment for 12 months access at a reduced rate (you will then have the option to sign up again at a reduced loyalty rate once the year is over)


Only $440 for the year



Living stressed is not living

Join us today and become Unstressable

Can I cancel anytime?

Cancellation Policy 

All Unstressable Memberships are final sale & there is no cancellation option.

Monthly Instalments - This is NOT a subscription membership. This is a 12 month membership commitment with no refunds, exchanges, or early cancellations permitted - please note your access to your membership is automatically revoked after your annual billing cycle. 

You will then be offered a reduced loyalty rate to resign up again after your first year.

You will have access to the content in the members library, live sessions and community group only up until the end of your annual access. But we hope that you enjoy our community so much that you want to keep learning and evolving with us & become part of the loyalty programme.


📅 How often am I billed?

Our billing system is automated and we do not have the ability to freeze or skip payments or adjust the billing cycle for any of our members.

Monthly Instalments - Upon signup monthly payment plans of Unstressable will be billed automatically every 30 days for a 12 month period.

Annual Payment In Full - Upon signup annual subscribers of Unstressable will be billed once upon sign up


💰 What if I don’t login for an entire month? Can I get a refund?

All purchases are final sale and refunds are not provided for previous months on Unstressable regardless of whether the student has logged in to view the content. 


🔓 Can I share my login?

All purchases of  Unstressable members content, including the community space are meant to only be viewed by the purchaser and cannot be shared with others. Please respect this by keeping your details to yourself. Sharing of login credentials is prohibited and we monitor IP addresses, login history & location for suspected breaches of this policy.

🔓 What is the loyalty renewal rate?

After a year of being in Unstressable your membership will automatically end - you will then receive an email with a special loyalty rate for you to sign up again using the same email (so you can keep your progress tracked) you will continue get a discounted rate for each of the first 3 years you choose to stay & then a lifetime loyalty rate after that.

This rate is dependent upon you re signing up after your first year commitment.

🧠 Why is this an annual commitment?

We ask that members commit to at least a year of this practice as it takes time and consistency to make lasting changes. Unstressable is a lifestyle. With an annual commitment you ensure that you will get access to all live online sessions with us and guest experts that year. 


🧠 Mental Health Disclaimer:

If you have a pre-existing mental health condition, we do not recommend you start this work without the supervision of a doctor or therapist so that you are fully supported. See full disclaimer.


All content within this membership is Copyright of Mo Gawdat & Alice Law 2024 © 


Because it’s not the events in your life that stress you, it's the way you deal with them that does.